Capital One Center Women’s History Month Spotlight

March 14, 2023

Meet Jade Kim Trusso, Founder and Owner, Nothing In Between Studio

About the business:

Nothing in Between is a boutique self-care sanctuary with two studios at Capital One Center and Falls Church. They provide non-toxic nail and holistic massage services with the community and planet in mind. Nothing In Between only uses products which are void of harsh fumes, and each studio is designed to have a calm and minimal aesthetic influenced by a love of modern art. Guests can select unique art books at each studio or listen to curated music with a calming yet cool ambiance. And with no televisions on the walls to distract, guests can relax and unplug.

How it started:

Jade Kim Trusso, Founder and Owner of Nothing In Between, wanted to give positive energy to the community consistently and constantly. She realized that her goal to make a positive impact would be more influential through an entrepreneurial approach.

Jade was in the high-end fashion industry for decades, and learned the power of client relationships and interactions – which includes everything from scents, music, temperature, and gestures – offering a more holistic approach than just through grins between a client and staff. With a passion for marketing, Jade decided to apply her client experiences by launching her business, Nothing In Between, with a mission to create a relaxing self-care sanctuary for her community. People often asked, "why the nail/massage industry?" Jade had first-hand experience of the many downsides in the industry, especially with regards to studio environments, hygiene, and safety. She set out to create the most relaxing and trustworthy sanctuary for people willing to pay for high-quality, curated experiences.

The pandemic effect:

The pandemic underscored the need for customers to prioritize hygienic, sanitary, non-toxic environments – and this health-conscious priority matches the brand and ethos of Nothing In Between. A transparent business model built on trust has been a foundational building block at Nothing In Between since day one. Nothing In Between’s commitment to safety led to extremely difficult decisions, like temporarily closing doors when staff members were sick with COVID. Each time Nothing In Between had to close doors they lost money in the short term, but built long-term relationships by valuing transparency and safety.

The pandemic pivot:

Nothing In Between was able to keep their client base during the pandemic by:

  • Keeping doors open through business-run GoFundMe pages for employees
  • Hosting in-person events in partnership with local businesses, creatives, organizations (ex. Bloomingdales, J.Crew, Doorways, etc) and social media influencers
  • Supporting local brands by carrying their products such as books by Alex Elle and Huckle and Goose and fragrance goods by Nanin
  • Donating to local causes and offering the Capital One Center studio space for nonprofit events (1% to the community, including Doorways, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, The Humane Society, and local schools)

The challenge today:

The challenge that Jade is continuously trying to improve is sustainability. With a focus on hygiene and safety, it’s inevitable to use some disposable products such as nail buffers, files, gloves, etc. – and these disposable products can be very wasteful. Nothing In Between’s mission is to offer an earth-friendly approach to a hygienic, safe environment. While this is not easy, Jade and her team keep ideating, listening to their customers’ feedback, and they continue to invest in achievable sustainable building blocks every day. Jade’s dream is to create effective, eco-friendly, safe body products easily accessible for our community.

What’s next:

Looking to the future, Jade wants to grow her community impact and expand the “Nothing In Between experience” to a larger network – ultimately boosting clients’ self-love and spreading more positive energy. Jade is on a mission to continue to support environmental sustainability and philanthropic initiatives for a better future.

Next time you visit Nothing In Between, be sure to take in all the curated moments that Jade and her team prioritize every day for clients, community, and our planet.

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