Courtney Kolker's "Wren on Wire"

Artist: Courtney Kolker

WoW; Wren on Wire, 2022

Acrylic, spray paint on canvas

90 ft. x 90 ft.

Location: Wren at The Watermark Hotel, 11th Floor

When creating WoW, artist Courtney Kolker’s goal was to capture the array of colors and textures found throughout Wren. Kolker wanted to offer an invitation to the eye from any vantage point – one that makes viewing the piece from a different table or seat, unique to the viewer and the angle.

Just as Wren was created as a space for guests to comfortably gather and connect while sharing good food, drink, and companionship, Kolker’s goal in creating this piece was to offer an opportunity for people to come together through the experience of viewing and interpreting abstract art - sharing what they see and discovering what they originally may have not.

The intention is for guests to enjoy their unique process of finding his or her own interpretation of WoW, and that it serves to enhance the overall vibrant, whimsical experience that is, Wren.

Courtney Kolker is an American painter based in Washington, D.C. Known for her vibrant use of color in the abstract, Kolker works in acrylics & spray paint on canvas using her hands, poly foam brushes, and palette knife. Kolker’s artwork explores the ability of color to arrange and illustrate her perspective of a particular moment. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US, including shows in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Kolker's work has been included in British GQ and her international sales include Dubai, Spain, and Australia. Kolker works out of her showroom/studio No. 4 located at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA.  For more information, visit or follow her on IG @courtney_kolker. 

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