Landscape Architecture Merit Badge Session at The Perch

February 9, 2022

Capital One Center’s #CommitmentToGreen encompasses our strategy to achieve the highest levels of sustainable design at our Tysons development and support regional environmental programs.  When we were approached by Scout BSA Troop 1533 to support a Merit Badge session on landscape architecture, we partnered with Rachel Rittler, our landscape architect with Parker Rodriguez, and hosted the Scouts for a site walk and educational session. We discussed the many native, non-invasive species throughout The Perch, and our green roof’s ability to mitigate the urban heat island effects.

We were delightfully surprised to see so much enthusiasm and interest, especially with the important attention that was placed on our plant selection related to the impact on local wildlife, and how our rooftop park insulates Capital One Hall and purifies the air surrounding our development. The Scouts were excited to also learn that one of the green roofs here has beehives and produces local honey. 

It was a treat to see this all star group of female Scouts show interest in landscape architecture as a career opportunity. The future is bright for Troop 1533!

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