Native Species at Capital One Center

May 10, 2021

Capital One Center visitors will encounter many native, non-invasive species throughout our campus. The strategy behind our landscaping centers around each plants’ environmental impact. A few of the considerations for our native species selection:

  • Plants that provide a positive impact on local wildlife -- some of our plants, such as the Dura Heat River Birch or Happy Returns Daylily --  attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, and the Compact Inkberry Holly feeds many different species of local birds
  • Wind-resistant plants easily adaptable to urban streets
  • Our Giant Green Arborvitae Evergreens are some of the strongest trees -- and they grow extremely fast (on average, three feet a year!)
  • The Great Big Blue Lobelia supports Conservation Biological Control, meaning it attracts predatory or parasitoid insects that prey upon pest insects.
  • Our Conflowers and Black Eyed Susans are native to the state and do wonders to support pollinators.
  • On the ground, our streets have been specially designed to include bioretention planters. These planters are set slightly lower than the pavement and the water from both the sidewalk and street drain into these areas so the water is collected, filtered, and held on our site which helps the greater region.
  • These planters are so effective that we have included them on every one of our redeveloped campus blocks.
  • Even though not all of our roofs host public parks, each one includes at least a third of their roofs covered with a green roof. These systems are thinner, about 6” of soil depth, but are just as important to the effort of capturing rainwater and mitigating urban heat island effects.
  • Plants for these green roofs are carefully selected and thrive in their full sun exposure. The sedum and allium species are drought tolerant and capable of accommodating the high wind environment that occurs atop these +400’ elevations.
  • All of our spaces take into account good environmental stewardship and look to incorporate innovative solutions but they are also for people too! The vast majority of our open spaces, elevated and on the ground, are designed to create walking, seating, running, and play spaces so there is something for everyone.
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About Capital One Center

Capital One Center, the public-facing portion of Capital One’s global headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, redefines mixed-use development by providing an arts-focused enriching indoor/outdoor experience. When fully built-out, this 6 million sq. foot entertainment destination will be home to a vibrant array of public art, performances, and retail, including a world-class performing arts center, Capital One Hall, a 2.5 acre skypark, The Perch, and 300-key boutique hotel, The Watermark. Capital One Center is thoughtfully designed to create a walkable campus where small steps lead to big experiences.